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Today was tough.

Tough stuff.

Lots of feelings.

Lots of emotions.

I'm not here to talk about them.

You will see them all unravel this coming week.

I'm simply here for one purpose tonight.

It's something I needed reminded of today. (Thank you cat dad, you are 😍.)


Down right incredible.

Reach for the stars incredible.

Every single one of you; even if you don't believe it.

Remember all those years your mother told you if you treat somebody with respect they will give it back?

The story doesn't change when it comes to your body.

Be kind to it.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Remember, one body.

One life.

Make it beautiful.

Most of the things we think we "don't have time for" or consider "self-absorbed activities" are actually what helps you find your light.

If you don't believe me when I say you're incredible, do these things:

Take care of yourself.


Rest well.

Nourish your body with good food.

Spend time with friends.

Get out in nature.

Create deeper, more meaningful connections. (Put down the phone.)

It is here you will find your light.

You will find you.

All of your things will fall into alignment.

Then show everybody how incredible you are.

Show everybody your hidden talents you are either too afraid to share or think they don't matter.

We all have something different to offer.

Yours is never less than.

You get one body.

Treat it with respect.

You get one life.

Make it count.



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