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Like Apple Jacks?

Look no further.

This shit is pretty similar.

Except the crunch of the chex cereals in this recipe is far superior to the round circles that accompany Apple Jacks.

Who grew up with chex mix always on the counter?

Now, I don't mean to brag.

But my Momma Bear makes the best traditional chex mix in the whole world.

It is not possible it could be made any better.


But she never made any specialty flavors.

Always stuck to the classic.

But, I mean, when you do it as good as she does, why the hell would you try anything else.

This is a fall inspired recipe.

Everybody is all over that pumpkin flavor this time of year.

Forgetting that apple definitely has its place too.

(In my book, apple wins. Tell me your preference in the comments below!)

& bonus if you don't consume dairy.

This guy is dairy free. ☺️

But you can easily sub the coconut oil for butter if that's your style.

I'd hate to cramp it. 🤪


Isn't she a beaut?!


Download PDF • 1.47MB


6 T coconut oil, solid

1/4 C maple syrup

2 T apple cider

1 T vanilla bean paste or vanilla

1 T cinnamon

8 C of cereal (I used Honey Chex, Rice Chex, Corn Chex and Honey Nut Cheerios)

1 C dried apples, chopped


  1. Preheat oven to 250°F and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

  2. In a pot on the stove, melt your coconut oil (or butter).

  3. Once melted add maple syrup, cider, vanilla and cinnamon. Simmer and combine for ~3 minutes on low heat.

  4. While your liquid is simmering, pour your cereal into a large mixing bowl.

  5. Pour the liquid over the cereal and stir to coat it all evenly. Pour it out onto the prepared cookie sheet.

  6. Bake in the oven for 50 minutes; removing every 15 minutes to give it a stir.

  7. Once you remove it from the oven, mix in the dried apples and toss to combine.

  8. ENJOY!


- Feel free to add nuts to this. Pecans would be bomb.

- Butter can be replaced for the coconut oil in equal parts.

- Sugar can be replaced for the maple syrup.


Kirsten ☀️

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