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Hi there gals and pals!!

What a great day to talk about some of my favorite things!!

I feel like this is a really good one.

Filled with things that are really just top notch items for me.

It was a good month. Full of some fun things. Lots of feel goods.

If you know me, you know I hate underwear. But, I do like to wear them to bed. But like granny panties. I want them comfortable. I don't want them crawling up my buttcrack. Which is hard, because my ass likes to eat underwear. The band CAN NOT dig into my sides or tummy and they must be ultra soft. I have a lot of criteria for a comfortable sleep. & I FINALLY found thee best pair of sleeping underwear in the world. & lucky me, they are from Target. I ordered my normal underwear size, a medium. They were good, but they were just slightly too big. So they liked to venture in the crack. I gave the size small a try and they stay put so well! But still don't dig in. They are just naturally a very comfortable soft fabric and a bit oversized. You seriously can't be a them. Give them a buy HERE!

In March I featured a face moisturizer that rocked my socks off. HERE is the blogpost if you are interested. I was rolling through Amazon one day and noticed the same brand had a chapstick and I thought I would give it a go. I am PICKY with my chapsticks. This guy turned out so good. I wouldn't use him as like an overnight lip mask, but for daytime he is lovely. He smells good and does a nice job and is moisturizing. He also isn't sticky which is a total bonus. Great, natural ingredients that won't dry your lips out. Give it a try HERE!


I received the most special gift in the mail from my Paigey. If you want to read ALL about it, check out the blogpost HERE. But in short, there was a really special picture of a beach that means a lot to Keith and I. She sketched it, framed it and then sent it to us in the mail as a surprise. First of all, snail mail is like my favorite thing. But the sentimental meaning behind it all literally made me weak at the knees. She is such a gem.

I could not get enough of this song this month. Something about it had me replaying it over and over and over again. I've struggled so much throughout my life with the meaning of church and God and all of that incredibly hard to understand stuff. I don't really jive with it. I respect it though. & I truly believe in some sort of higher power. A form of entanglement. Power of the universe you could say. But as far as biblical meaning, I most definitely stay away. So when I heard this song it just brought so many beautiful tears to my eyes. It made me feel understood. It allowed me to be comfortable in the feeling that my "church" can be many different places and have a totally different meaning to me than most who identify with an actual physical church. To me, church is sunshine on my skin, cuddles from kitties, a really good hug, the sunset and the sunrise, free floating in the ocean, quietly sitting next to somebody you love, sex, a long drive in the countryside, a meal that makes your tastebuds explode, a view that makes you weak at the knees. There are so many incredible things in this world that make me feel totally alive and so grateful. & those are what I choose to believe are my "church". This song just made me feel good.


Okay, who didn't love this movie? Cause you're nuts! This is the first movie I've walked away from in a long time that I was like. Damn. Gotta buy that. Wanna see it again. We hadn't been to a movie since December 2018 when The Mule with Clint Eastwood came out. We were due! & it was so worth it. Top 5 movie of all time. Also, I've never seen the first one. But of course want to now. I read something about the movie that hit home and why so many people like it. The movie didn't tell you how to feel. It was just an overall feel good movie with no political swaying of any sort. I can't remember the last time I watched a movie or television show in the last two years that wasn't full of political bullshit. So this was just a super nice treat. Loved every minute of it. Such a nice day. If you haven't seen it yet, take this as your sign! GO!


Keith and I took some time this month to go on a date. GO US!! I scouted out a bomb restaurant for us to test out in University City Saint Louis. & it is TOTALLY going to be a frequent repeat for us. It was so incredible. They make so many of their dishes from scratch. All of their dumplings, noodle soups, ramens, bao buns, etc. Oh, by the way. This was like an asian fusion restaurant that specializes in noodles and boba. The take out line was actually insane. We waited 50 minutes to get a seat. It was so worth the wait. I only have one picture of our starters. Some pork and cabbage steamed dumplings and a pork bao bun. So incredible. Then Keith had sweet and sour pork for his main and I had pork and pineapple. Next time we are most definitely trying the noodle soups.

Here is a little video of our date day! ☺️

Thanks for being here gals and pals.

Hope you find something in here that you can enjoy for yourself!

As always, feel free to reach out, subscribe, like, comment and share!

So appreciate you being here.


Kirsten ☀️


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