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This has been a popular question.

One I am here to help you with.

First, you can self refer HERE.

Just click the big blue "request appointment" once you get there.

You will fill out a few questions and submit.

They will contact you to go over your medical information and most likely request your records be sent over before further analysis.

While my referrals were sent in by UIHC, I did do the self referral too.

Tried to cover all my bases.

Now, I won't lie.

The chance that you get accepted this way is pretty rare.

But maybe so are you.

It doesn't hurt to try.

When Mayo started, they really placed emphasis on Gastroenterology.

& still do.

In fact, they are ranked number one in that department within the US.

With that being said, their GI department is expansive.

They have an abundant amount of GI doctors.

Pretty much, i'm telling you to get some GI issues if you want to go to Mayo.

You will get in quick & they will get you everywhere else you need to be seen within that same month.

Sometimes even within the same week.

Have multiple referrals sent to multiple departments from multiple doctors.

Here was my list.

Mercycare sent referrals to GI, Spine Center, Orthopedics, & Neurology.

UIHC Genetics sent referrals to all of the above plus their genetics department.

UIHC GI sent a referral to GI stating they had no other options to help me.

UIHC Electrophysiology sent a referral to Neurology saying they had no options left to help me.

UIHC Spine Clinic sent a referral to Orthopedics and the Spine Center stating they had no options left for me and that my doctor had moved onto another hospital.

So yes, I had A LOT of people on my side.

& I know this isn't the case for everybody.

But get as many referrals as you can from as many departments as you can.

GI called me within the week and scheduled an appointment.

If I recall correctly, they called on April 4th, 2017 and I was in by April 18th, 2017.

Neurology called me a couple days later to schedule an appointment 8 months out.

I never heard from any of the other clinics.

Unfortunately your case has to be hard to treat.

Or suffer from multiple conditions.

While I was at my appointment that first day, they scheduled every other appointment I needed for the next two weeks. 

It was badass.

They are a well oiled machine.

My neurology appointment was moved up to May 5th, 2017.

Appointments always run on schedule.

Doctors are kind.

They make you part of your own care team.

They give you choices and respect them.

Doctors at Mayo do not make as much as at other clinics.

They choose to work there for the education perks.

Mayo pays for them to go to learning conferences.

They don't earn a commission off sending you to other doctors, special imaging or procedural stuff.

Which means, if they don't think you absolutely need to do something, they won't recommend it.

Mayo is great.

& if your insurance covers it, the care costs are less than average.

But you also have the expense of finding a place to stay while you're there for a few weeks.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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