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1. I am allergic to kiwi.

2. I have found it is impossible to not want to smell my own farts. 

3. I had a lateral release surgery on both my knees at the same time.

4. No candy flavor combo will beat that of a lemon and green apple jolly rancher in your mouth at the same time.

5.I only drink water. & fresh juices. Like ones made from fruits & veggies and herbs & spices.

6. Coconut is my favorite scent.

7. I refuse to buy a book with a movie illustration on it.

8. My true appreciation for the stars & our solar system started when I was high as a kite.

9. I really hate tomatoes. Cold tomatoes. I love them heated on a pizza, sun dried, as pizza and pasta sauce, as ketchup (kind've) & in salsa. Just not alone. No slice on my sandwich, please. I don't even want the juice from it. 

10. Instagram is my favorite social media platform. Hands down.

11. I have been known to hang out at the Cedar Rapids airport just for the atmosphere. Great place to get homework done.

12. I never went #2 in a school bathroom. Ever.

13. My spirit is always in Puerto Vallarta. Even when I am not.

14. Free floating in the ocean brings the greatest peace I have ever experienced. 

15. I really wish I never would have worn a traditional wedding dress on our wedding day. 

16. I have never broke a bone.

17. My favorite cuisine is Mexican, but nothing beats the smell of Italian.

18. My fingernails used to peel and bend backwards before adopting a plant based diet. Now they are beautiful.

19. My favorite thing to buy is books.

20. Papaya over peaches. No, peaches over papaya. Damn. You get the picture. How do you choose a favorite between the two?!

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